Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Initial Teacher Certification

To be recommended for this certificate, candidates must have completed a degree that includes an approved program in a certification area at Georgia College and have fulfilled both GACE Program Entry Assessment and GACE Content Assessment requirements, passed the GACE Ethics 350 and 360, and taken the edTPA in their content area. Requests for certification through Georgia College must be made within one year of graduation.

Initial Teaching Certification Programs

Bachelor (B.S.) Level

Early Childhood Education (P-5)

Middle Grades Education (4-8)

Music Education

Special Education (P-12)

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Level

Middle Grades Education Reading and Science or Mathematics (4-8)

Secondary Education (6-12)

Art Education (P-12)

Biology Education (6-12)

Business Education (6-12)

Chemistry Education (6-12)

English Education (6-12)

French Education (P-12)

Health and Physical Education (P-12)

History Education (6-12)

Mathematics Education (6-12)

Political Science Education (6-12)

Physics (6-12)

Spanish Education (P-12)

Special Education (P-12)

Master of Education (M.E.D.) Level

Master of Music Education (P-12) for Initial T5 Certification

Teacher Certification in Georgia

Teacher candidates who complete an approved teacher certification program at GC may request recommendation to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for certification. Request for certification through GC must be made within one year of graduation. The initial certificate awarded by the Professional Standards Commission is the Professional Teaching Certificate. Teacher candidates applying for initial certification must:

  1. Have an overall 2.50 GPA.
  2. Complete a certification program of choice at GC.
  3. Pass the appropriate GACE Content Assessment(s) tests for the certification area sought, pass the GACE Program Exit Ethics assessment, take the appropriate edTPA assessment.
  4. Complete the PSC certification application and file the completed form with all the necessary documentation intact with the GC College of Education Certification Officer (Kilpatrick Hall, Room 220D).

All teacher certification programs are subject to change in response to new requirements from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Teacher candidates will be given appropriate notice of changes, and teacher education programs will be modified or adapted to meet the required change.