Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Accelerated BA to MA Program in History

The accelerated Bachelor of Arts to Master of Arts program in History allows advanced students in the department of History and Geography to begin work for their MA in History at Georgia College in their final year of undergraduate studies.

Students may apply to the program at any time, even before enrolling at Georgia College. Any students applying before their third year of undergraduate study may be given provisional admission pending completion of the requirements listed below.

The current Master of Arts program in History requires 36 credit hours. The accelerated program will be a separate track within our existing graduate program. It will require 30 credit hours in addition to two “graduate option” classes at Georgia College which will be completed as part of the student's undergraduate curriculum.

Program application requirements:

  • Minimum 18 hours of coursework at Georgia College.
  • Minimum institutional GPA of 3.0 with minimum GPA of 3.3 in undergraduate History courses at GCSU.
  • Minimum 6 credit hours at the 3000 or 4000-level in History.
  • Student must be within 50 semester hours of graduation.

Students must submit an application for admission to the Accelerated Bachelor's-Master’s Degree Program by February 1 to begin taking graduate option classes the following fall or September 15 to begin taking classes the following spring. Application must include all required documents for both Graduate Admissions and the History department.

For information please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator for History, Dr. Stephen Auerbach at: 478-445-5215 or email, stephen.auerbach@gcsu.edu