Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Digital Media Minor

Degree Requirements

Fifteen hours with grades of C or better, distributed as follows (minimum of 9 hours must be upper division):

ARTS 2620Digital I: Digital Print


ARTS 3620Digital II: Interactivity


ARTS 3640Digital III: Video & Sound


ARTS 4620Digital IV: Community Projects


ARTS 4000 levelArt History


All Digital Media Minors are required to complete ARTS 1620 before enrolling in Minor classes.

Art majors may not count courses required in Area F toward a minor offered in the Department of Art. The Art major must take additional 3000-4000 level courses to complete the minor program. The academic advisor and department chair must approve these courses.

Art History courses taken in fulfillment of the minor may not be applied towards any of the major requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Studio, Museum Studies, or Art History.