Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


Suggested major: Physics

Although Georgia College students may transfer to any of several engineering schools, the majority enroll in the Dual Degree Program established between Georgia College and the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT). In this program the candidate completes 90 semester hours (about three years) at Georgia College. If students compile a good record in the Dual Degree courses, with particular emphasis on calculus and physics, and receive a recommendation from the Dual Degree coordinator, they will be admitted to GIT. However, the following point should be noted: At times, the enrollments in certain engineering majors at GIT reach a critical level, and GIT reserves the right to place very high entrance requirements in those majors for its own students as well as for transfers. The Dual Degree Program is not recommended for international students since GIT rarely accepts undergraduate transfers on student visas. For more information see the Physics B.S.-Dual Degree Program with Georgia Institute of Technology part of the catalog.