Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Foreign Language Requirement

All students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree must demonstrate minimum proficiency at the level of a fourth university course in one foreign language.  All students seeking a Bachelor of Science degree through the College of Arts & Sciences must demonstrate minimum proficiency at the level of a second university course in one foreign language. In some majors, the language requirement may be fully or partly counted in Area F.

This proficiency can be demonstrated in one of three ways:

  1. Coursework. Students who have had two years of high school foreign language and who wish to continue that language must enter the sequence at the 1002 level. They may audit the 1001 course without credit. Students with three or more years of high school language are urged to choose the most advanced possible language course appropriate for their language competence, upon consultation with the Chair of the Department of Modern Languages & Cultures. The 1001 course of a foreign language will not be accepted for credit if the student has taken two years of that same language in high school.
  2. Testing. Students may also demonstrate proficiency and possibly exempt one or more courses by (a) submitting an appropriate score on an approved national test, such as a CLEP exam, or (b) by challenging the appropriate course(s) beyond 1001 when an approved national test is not available, for which they must consult with the Chair of the Department of Modern Languages & Cultures. Students who successfully fulfill the all or part of the foreign language requirement through testing receive credit hours but no letter grades.
  3. International Student Waiver. The International Education Center will evaluate the academic credentials of all international students entering on a student visa to verify the language of instruction for the equivalent of the U.S. high school education (the last four years of secondary education).
    1. Students whose language of instruction is determined to have been English will be required to complete the foreign language requirement.
    2. Students presenting academic documents indicating the equivalent of a minimum of four (4) years of a language of instruction other than English will be exempt from the foreign language requirement as stated in the GC Catalog. The International Educational Center will notify the Office of the Registrar of any foreign language exemption. Students who are granted an exemption from the language requirement will not receive credit toward the CORE or graduation requirements for introductory courses in their language of exemption. They may enroll in intermediate and advanced courses offered by GC with the approval of the Chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures.
    3. Students presenting academic documents that do not clearly specify the language of instruction may petition a committee comprised of the International Student Advisor and the Chair of the Modern Languages and Cultures Department to review all available educational documents in an effort to determine the student's eligibility for a waiver of the foreign language requirement.

See also: Challenging Courses , Foreign Language Subsitutions

Foreign Language Requirement Substitution

Foreign language proficiency requirements are described in this catalog. Only students who have been certified by an authorized University System of Georgia diagnostic center as being incapable of learning a foreign language may substitute courses from the following lists to meet the foreign language requirements at Georgia College. The courses must be taken from the appropriate groups depending on the student's degree objectives.

Courses taken to substitute for foreign language courses must be in addition to those taken to fulfill core, major, minor or cognate requirements. No course may be taken to fulfill both core, major, minor or cognate requirements and to substitute for a foreign language. Students required to complete the second level of foreign language must complete two courses from Group I. Students required to complete the fourth level of language requirement must take two courses from Group I and two courses from Group II.