Graduate Catalog 2016-2017

Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) in Special Education

Program Description

The Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) program in Special Education offered in the Department of Special Education and Educational Leadership provides advanced study for qualified educators. The program of study builds upon work completed at the master’s level; targets the knowledge and skills for translating research into evidence-based practices with students with disabilities; and prepares advanced practitioners to be architects of change and leaders in the professional community. The Specialist in Education program in Special Education is organized around cohorts. Each cohort is supervised by one faculty member who assures that students meet all program standards prior to graduation. This program is configured in a blended format with classes meeting selected Saturdays with substantial work on line. Applicants for this program are required to hold current clear renewable T-5 level certification in Special Education through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission as a prerequisite for admission. Interviews are conducted as part of the admission process. Applicants who have submitted all application materials will be contacted by the department to schedule the interview.

Ed.S. Prerequisites

  1. Meet minimal Grade Point Average of 3.25
  2. Be eligible for a clear renewable, level five (5) State of Georgia Certification (except Library Media)
  3. Verify two years teaching experience while holding a clear and renewable certificate (except Educational Leadership)

Ed.S. Admission

For the admissions process applicants should complete and submit the following:

  1. University Graduate Admissions Form including application fee, if applicable.
  2. Two professional recommendations (pdf) using the School of Education format.
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (except GC)
  4. Passing scores on Graduate Writing Assessment
  5. Minimum Graduate GPA of 3.25
  6. Verification of immunization (pdf)
  7. Hold or be eligible for a clear renewable, level five (%) State of Georgia Certification in Special Education
  8. Two years of teaching experience on clear/renewable certification
  9. Degree in special education at undergraduate or graduate level or completion of state approved training/preparation program in special education
  10. Satisfactory completion of interview by faculty admissions committee

Applicants for graduate programs in the College of Education must take the Georgia College Graduate Writing Assessment, the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT).  Applicants must pass the Georgia College Graduate Writing Assessment for admission; or present an official test score that is no more than six years old on the GRE General Test of at least 1,000 (verbal and quantitative combined) if taken before August 1, 2011, or at least 305 (verbal and quantitative combined) on the GRE if taken on or after August 1, 2011, or at least 4000 on the MAT.  Graduates of Georgia College may waive the graduate admissions test requirements.

Ed.S. Advisement

Each candidate for the Specialist in Education degree is assigned a graduate advisor who serves as a mentor to the Specialist Candidate and assists in proposing, scheduling and completing the Specialist in Education Program of Graduate Study.

Ed. S. Program of Study

The Specialist in Education program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of course work beyond the Master of Education degree or the Master of Arts in Teaching degree. Specialist programs must be completed, with the degree awarded, within four years of the initial coursework listed on the program of study. Only those courses listed on the Program of Graduate Study fulfill degree requirements. Substitutions must be approved by the advisor prior to course enrollment, and a Change of Graduate Program of Study form submitted to the office of the Department Chairperson. Grades below a B do not fulfill degree requirements.

Ed. S. Graduate Assistantships

Limited Graduate Assistantships are available. Details and an application can be found at

Ed. S. Exit Requirements

All students must pass a comprehensive departmental exit requirement and fulfill degree requirements to graduate including an electronic portfolio presentation. Students should check with their assigned program advisor for specifics.

Dismissal Policy

Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA during the program.  Students must earn a grade of B or higher in each class for it to count toward graduation requirements.  If a student's GPA falls below a 3.0, he/she may petition to stay in the program for one semester on academic probation.  If at the end of the semester on probation the student's GPA is still below a 3.0, he/she will be dismissed from the program.  Any student who plagiarizes work will fail that course (receive an F) and be referred to the Judicial Council for a violation of Georgia College's Honor Code.

Program of Study

Course List

EDEX 7110Trends & Issues in Special Edu


EDEX 7120Critique of Special Educ Lit


EDEX 7130Found in Evidence-Based Pract


EDEX 7210Research Methods


EDEX 7220Synthesis/Resrch Lit-Spec Edu


EDEX 7310Research Design


EDEX 7410Research Implementation


EDEX 7420Leadership/Collaborative Learn


EDEX 7510Specialist Thesis

3 - 6

Total Credit Hours: 30




Further Information

Prospective students desiring further information on graduate programs may contact Shanda Brand, Graduate Admissions Advisor, at Georgia College, Campus Box 70, Milledgeville, GA 31061.


Phone: 478-445-1383.  (Toll free in Georgia at 1-800-342-0471, extension 1383.)