Graduate Catalog 2016-2017

Non-Degree Certification in Library Media

This certification is available for students who have a master's degree. Level Four certification in a teaching field is not required for admission. Upon meeting all certification requirements, an S-5 certificate in Media Specialist may be issued at the conclusion of this program. Students must be recommended by the Certification Officer.


Non-Degree Add-On Certification in Library Media


The non-degree certification in Library Media requires a minimum of 24 semester hours of course work.  Courses in the certification area must be included in the program of study.

This library media program is either online or blended which means there may be some face-to-face meetings with the rest of the program being offered on-line.  Any face-to-face course meetings are offered at the Macon Center.

Students in the add-on certification program must hold T4 certification in a teaching field.

Admission Requirements


  1. Graduate Admissions Application Form
  2. Two professional recommendations (pdf)
  3. Official copies of all transcripts
  4. Passing scores on the Graduate Writing Assessment
  5. Minimal GPA of 2.5
  6. Verification of immunization
  7. Passing scores on the GACE Basic Skills


Upon meeting all course and examination requirements of this program, an S-5 certificate in Media Specialist may be issued by the Professional Standards Commission of Georgia.  Georgia College recommendation is required.



Contact Information


John H. Lounsbury College of Education

CBX 70; 220 Kilpatrick Hall
Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone toll free in Georgia: 1-800-342-0471 x 1383

Program of Study

Content Field (24 semester hours)

EDIT 5202Technology for Teachers


EDIT 6254Operation of the Lib Med Centr


EDIT 6256Info Srcs and Serv in Med Cent


EDIT 6263Info Tech in the Media Center


EDIT 6268Selection of Library Media


EDIT 6275Instructional Design


EDIT 6960Internship & Capstone



EDIT 6262Young Adult Lit/Media Center



EDIT 6264Children's Lit in Media Center



EDIT 6598Special Topics


EDIT 6960 allowed for 3 semester hours
EDIT 6598 is a Special Topics course.  Only topic title "Diverse Literature in Today's Schools" is approved as content field course.

Additional Requirements:  Successful completion of GACE 101 and 102 exams and department Exit Interview.

Total Credit Hours: 24