Graduate Catalog 2016-2017


MUED 6020 Curriculum & Supervision

Prerequisite: Admission to the MMEd program. This on-line distance education course is a study of the development and implementation of curriculum and assessment of affective teaching and supervision of curriculum. Some face to face meetings will be required. Basic knowledge of computers and use of internet is required.


MUED 6800 Research in Music Education

Prerequisite: Admission to MMEd program. The purpose of this course is to acquaint the graduate student in music education with field-specific research methods and resources using a variety of writing projects, research assignments, and in-class presentations.


MUED 6909 Grad Elemen Music Techniques

Prerequisites: Admission to M.M.Ed. program and MUED 3909 or equivalent course or experience. This course will continue the work done in either an undergraduate course or relevant elementary experience by focusing on two important approaches to teaching music in the elementary school: Orff and Kodaly.


MUED 6910 Fieldwork

Prerequisite: Admission to MMEd program and permission of graduate faculty. This is a guided research project in which the graduate student in music education has the opportunity to research and execute an approved study in an environment conducive to their particular field of expertise. This course is repeatable for credit.


MUED 6919 Grad Secondary Choral Tech

Prerequisite: Admission to MM.Ed. program. The organization, development, and maintenance of a balanced secondary choral music program including general music. In this course the students will learn to apply teaching methodology/ technology to the choral and general music classroom, and then evaluate those procedures for effectiveness and possible alternative approaches. The continued improvement of leadership qualities, communication skills, organization (time and resources), and a desire for excellence are the primary outcomes in order that each student will progress as a dynamic and successful choral music educator.


MUED 6920 Thesis Research

Prerequisite: MUED 5800 (Research in Music Education) and permission of major professor and admission to MM.Ed Program. Guided research and thesis writing on a directed thesis project. This course is repeatable for credit.

3 - 6

MUED 6929 Grad Secondary Instru Tech

Prerequisite: Admission to MM.Ed. program. This course is designed to give the masters of music education student and opportunity to experience the administration side of being a secondary public school instrumental director as well as research current trends in classroom methods, performance practices, and rehearsal techniques.