Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


POLS 2101 Intro to Political Science

A study of the development and scope of the political science discipline and its method of research and presentation.


POLS 2201 State & Local Government

Prerequisite: POLS 1150. A study of the structures, functions, and problems of contemporary state governments. The changing role of the states is examined in relation to their subunits and with other states and the federal government.


POLS 2350 Intro to the Law

A basic introduction to the nature of American law, providing an overview of the functions, limits and future of the law. Taught by lecture and case-study method. (Cross-listed with CRJU 2350.)


POLS 2401 Intro to Intl Relations

A study of the international system of nation-states, including examinations of regional alliances and the United Nations. Areas of international conflict and cooperation will be emphasized.