Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

MUSC 3600 Music History I

Prerequisites: HIST 1131 or HIST 1132; and MUSC 1500, MUSC 1501, MUSC 1510, MUSC 1511, MUSC 2500, MUSC 2501, MUSC 2510, MUSC 2511; or Permission of Instructor. This is the first of two courses that traces the history of the classical music tradition of Europe and its cultural extensions. In this course, students will develop their ability to think historically and conceptually with regard to the various compositional genres and composers, and the social, geographic, and cultural settings that produced them. The period covered is from the earliest traces of Greek and Persian music to the end of the Baroque era (c. 1750 A.D.). The course includes a mixture of lecture, group discussion, and analytical and musicological exercises, including intensive score and aural analysis. Offered every Fall term.