Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016


CSCI 2350 Programming II

Prerequisite: C or better in CSCI 1302. Students are introduced to C++. In addition to learning the aspects of procedural programming lanuages, students will be strengthened in the knowledge of object oriented languages and the concepts of object oriented design of algorithms. This course is non-repeatable.


CSCI 2810 IS/CS Professional Development

This course serves as an introduction to the information systems, information technology, and computer science professions with an emphasis on professional development. Students will examine issues such as ethics, professional conduct, certifications, and life-long learning along with basic business and dining etiquette. Sophomore status.


CSCI 2811 IS/CS Career Preparation

This course serves as an introduction to career preparation for management information systems and computer science majors. Students will understand the different career paths available, the importance of networking, and the role of the various professional user groups and societies within the field.