Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

Nursing B.S.N.

Areas A, B, C, D for health professions majors, & E (See Core section of the Catalog) (42 semester hours)

Degree Requirements

Area F Related Courses (18 semester hours)

BIOL 2160Human Anatomy and Physiology I


BIOL 2170Human Anatomy & Physiology II


BIOL 3180Allied Health Microbiology


PSYC 2103Intro to Human Development


NRSG 2790Nur Mgmt of Pharmacol Therapeu


Major Requirements (60 semester hours)

NRSG 3140Health Assessment


NRSG 3240Fund Principles & Skills


NRSG 3340Intro to Profession of Nursing


NRSG 3440Adult Health I


NRSG 3460Nrsing in the Childbearing Fam

0 - 5

NRSG 3540Psyc Mental Health Nursing


NRSG 3560Community as a Client


NRSG 3660Nursing the Childrearing Famil


NRSG 3680Legal & Ethical Issues in Nurs


NRSG 4140Nursing Research


NRSG 4580Adult Health II


NRSG 4780Leadership and Mgmt in Nursing


NRSG 4980Clinical Internship


NRSG 4981Integrated Clinical Concepts



Total Credit Hours: 120

Dismissal Policy

Nursing majors must make at least a C grade and demonstrate satisfactory clinical performance in each nursing course that counts toward the degree. Students who do not earn at least a C and demonstrate satisfactory clinical performance may petition for re-entry to the SON Admissions, Progression, & Recognition Committee (More detailed information provided in the Nursing Student Handbook). Students may be approved to repeat only one nursing course. Students who are unsuccessful in 2 nursing courses are ineligible to continue in the program.

NOTE: A 1-hour seminar course is a program requirement during the first semester of the freshman year in all majors but is not counted in the total hours for graduation. The freshman seminar for nursing students facilitates development of skills necessary for a successful and meaningful collegiate experience. Students will take GCSU 0001 to meet the 1-hour seminar requirement.


Students admitted to the Georgia College Nursing Program will be required to take nationally normed tests throughout the curriculum. Students who have difficulty with standardized test taking are advised to consider this requirement before selecting nursing as a major. Standardized tests are given in all clinical nursing courses. A standardized Exit Exam is also part of the requirement for graduation in the BSN program.

NOTE: In order to graduate, students must also fulfill other requirements specified in the Graduation Requirements Section of the Catalog.

Four-Year Program of Study

A suggested four-year sequence program of study is available on the GC website at http://www.gcsu.edu/nursing/bs/programsofstudy.htm

Refer to the Course Description Section of this Catalog for courses and course descriptions.

Career Information for BSN Graduates

Registered nurses are employed in a wide variety of settings and roles. In Georgia, ample professional opportunities exist in varied health care agencies for graduates of the baccalaureate nursing program. The need for baccalaureate prepared registered nurses increases yearly.