Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities are theme based academically centered housing options that are available for students. There are six living-learning communities in the residence halls.

  • Casa Mondo: An international community where the focus of the community is pairing U.S. Students with students from various countries around the globe.
  • Entrepreneurship: This community will explore the meaning of entrepreneurship and innovation with others who share the same interests.
  • Fine Arts: A community who has an active interest in the pursuit of students who share an appreciation for the theatre and creative writing.
  • Pre-Nursing: A community providing students with the opportunity to guarantee admission into the nursing program, academic support, career exploration and integrated social experiences; application required.
  • Leadership: A community devoted especially to those who want to enhance their leadership development.
  • Wellness: A community devoted to students who have an interest in wellness related issues.