Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

East Campus (Lake Laurel)

East Campus is an eighty-three acre site which features wet lands, mised forests, walking trails, a 3.5 acre pond (Lake Laurel) and myriad wildlife. This beautiful and varied natural environment provides Georgia College students and faculty many opportunities for outdoor, field based learning experiences.  East Campus academic facilities include the Biological Field Station, equipment storage facilities which support student learning experiences sponsored by the Georgica College Outdoor Center and the instructional needs of the Outdoor Education Academic Programs, Lake Laurel Lodge (indoor group meeting space), the Outdoor Center Cabin (administrative support office), the Georgia College Challenge Course, as well as open space for outdoor group activities.


The Outdoor Center staff provide excellent technical training, outdoor recreation education, leadership training and group development experiences for student groups, academic class instruction and specialized program to community and corporate groups at the East Campus facilities.  The Outdoor Center's "Venture Out" program offers a variet of outdoor recreation opportunities to Georgia College students which are designed to be experienced in a short timeframe (weekends, breaks between semesters, etc...) The Outdoor Center's main administrative offices are located at the Wellness & Recreation Center on GC's West Campus.