Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

ASTR - Astronomy

ASTR 1000 Intro to the Universe

Corequisite: ASTR 1000L. A survey of the universe, examining the historical origins of astronomy; the motions and physical properties of the Sun, Moon, and planets; the formation, evolution, and death of stars; and the structure of galaxies and the expansion of the universe.


ASTR 1000L Intro to the Universe Lab

Prerequisite or Corequisite: ASTR 1000. Laboratory course to accompany ASTR 1000. Additional laboratory fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.


ASTR 2950 Special Topics

Prerequisite: Permission of department. Consideration of topics in which courses are not otherwise offered, but for which there is a current need at the freshman/sophomore level.

1 - 4

ASTR 3020 Observation Tech in Astronomy

Prerequisites: MATH 1113 (or higher) and (ASTR 1000 or PHYS 1111 or PHYS 2211). The study of modern techniques used to obtain data and determine the physical properties of astronomical objects. Topics will include the geometry of the sky, electromagnetic radiation, telescopes, modern electronic imaging and spectroscopic devices, and the determination of the physical and statistical properties of stars and galaxies. Offered only in the spring of even years. Physics Capstone. Additional laboratory fee required; see semester course schedule for amount. Offered only in the spring of even years.


ASTR 3400 Astrophysics

Prerequisite: PHYS 2212. This is an intermediate level course on the physics of astronomical objects and systems. Topics include the structure, dynamics, and radiation processes of stellar evolution, galaxies, and cosmological models of the universe. Offered only in the spring of odd years.


ASTR 3920 Seminar

Prerequisites: Approval of department chairperson. Special Topics not covered in other astronomy or physics courses.


ASTR 4999 Research

Prerequisites: 8 Credits of Physics, an additional 8 credits of mathematics, astronomy or chemistry, approval of Department Chairman. Course designed to offer the student a meaningful experience in scientific research.

1 - 4