Graduate Catalog 2013-2014

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Education (Secondary Education Concentration Fields), Library Media and Educational Technology

Program Description

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program in Secondary Education expands upon initial teacher education preparation in the secondary content fields and emphasizes professional collaboration in a concentrated study of school improvement process. Students must hold or qualify for a Level Four Georgia Educator's Certification.

The department offers master’s level programs in Library Media and Educational Technology, which lead to Level Five Georgia Service Certificate (S5). The department also offers a non-degree add-on in Library Media. Level Four certification is not required for admission to Library Media and Instructional Technology programs.

All M.Ed. programs seek to a) engender a willingness to pursue lifelong education; b) enhance the development of active leadership within the educational community and the community at large; c) develop an awareness of, sensitivity to, and strategies for dealing with a culturally diverse and internationally focused society; d) promote academic excellence through the mastery of pedagogy and content; and e) foster systematic investigation and personal reflection on current professional issues and practices.