Graduate Catalog 2013-2014


EDFS 7125 Philosophical Issues in Educat

A survey of educational philosophies in their historical context to develop understanding of practices and policies in education.


EDFS 7134 Applied Research I

Prerequisite: Admission to ED.S. Program and partial completion of course work. Seeks to develop research skills and related competencies in planning and conducting applied research studies. Focuses on research designs relevant to advanced education research.


EDFS 7135 Applied Research II

Prerequisite: EDFS 7134. The supervised implementation of an individual research project, including securing and handling data, data analysis, describing results, drawing conclusions, and reporting in a scholarly manner for submission to a professional journal.


EDFS 7728 Critical Issues in Education

Prerequisite: admission to Ed.S. program. An opportunity to critically analyze issues, theories, practices, and problems of the profession. Includes topic identification and literature search for individual research project.