Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013


POLS 3235 Political Parties & Elections

A study of the origins, development and contemporary roles, structures, and problems of parties. The recruitment of candidates and the conduct of campaigns and elections are examined.


POLS 3241 Urban Government & Administrat

Prerequisites: POLS 2201 or permission of instructor. A study of political structures, processes, and trends in American urban life and local government. Attention is given to those factors shaping political issues and governmental response in the metropolis.


POLS 3315 The American Judicial System

Prerequisite: POLS 2350 or permission of instructor. A study of the federal process concentrating on the role of the Supreme Court as the judicial policy making institution in the American political system. Required for the legal studies concentration. (Cross-listed with CRJU 3315.)


POLS 3338 Principles of Public Admin

Prerequisite: POLS 1150 or permission of instructor. A general survey of the field of Public Administration, including coverage of the executive branch, executive-legislative interactions, administrative procedures, and classical and contemporary bureaucratic problems. Required for the public administration concentration.


POLS 3361 Legal Research & Writing

Prerequisite: POLS 2350 or permission of instructor. The source and technique of legal research, its application to specific legal problems, and the use of legal authority to construct a written legal argument. Required for the legal studies concentration.


POLS 3363 Civil Law & Civil Practice

Prerequisite: POLS 2350 or permission of instructor. The legal foundation and practice of civil law, including torts, real estate, and family law.


POLS 3365 Selected Topics/Legal Studies

Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. A study of major issues confronting the study and practice of law.


POLS 3501 Comparative Government

A study of democratic and autocratic political systems, with emphasis upon comparing and contrasting political structures, institutions, leadership elites, mass behavior, and cultures.


POLS 3601 International Conflict & War

Prerequisite: POLS 2401 or permission of instructor. A study in the causes of international conflict and war focusing in on the levels of analysis approach to understanding the topic. In addition, the course will cover a number of more specialized topics including genocide and "just war theory" as well as examine a series of case studies on the topic.


POLS 3635 National Security Policy

A study of contemporary American defense policy. Emphasis is placed on how and why national military policy is generated and its employment in international relationships.


POLS 3801 Model United Nations

This course is repeatable for credit.