Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

HEAT - Hlth EducationAthl Training

HEAT 3100 Structural Kinesiology

Prerequisite: BIOL 2170. An investigation of the full significance of human structure and its relationship to the complex functions that normally occur during activity.


HEAT 3685 Injury Assessment I

Prerequisite: HEAT 2680. An advanced course covering evaluation and care of athletic injuries and illnesses of the lower body. This course will provide the students with the skills necessary to evaluate an injury or illness and to design an effective plan of care.


HEAT 3690 Clinical Athletic Training I

Prerequisite: HEAT 2680. Supervised clinical experience in a school, college, industry or clinic. Students shall perform athletic training duties in assigned clinical settings commensurate with their level of experience and competence. Class/sessions will be used to discuss, practice, and demonstrate assigned competencies.


HEAT 3750 Gen Med Conditions & Pharmacol

Prerequisite: HEAT 2680. Recognition and treatment of general illness pathology and disabilities of athletes and others involved in physical activity. Application of pharmacological principles in the treatment of illness, injury, and disease for the athletic population will also be discussed.


HEAT 4100 Therapeutic Modalities

Prerequisites: HEAT 2680. Study of the theories and effects of therapeutic modalities related to injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Opportunity is provided to conduct experiments and studies on related topics.


HEAT 4685 Injury Assessment II

Prerequisite: HEAT 2680, 3685. This course provides the student with information and advanced skills used to evaluate injuries and special problems of the upper body. Students will acquire an understanding and skills in palpation methods, manual muscle testing, neurological testing, and special testing. In addition, students will learn pathological and etiological information for a variety of injuries related to the upper body.