Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013


EDEX 4001 Field Placement 3

As part of the teacher education program, the student demonstrates in public school classrooms the abilities to draw on deep content knowledge in order to plan, implement and evaluate curriculum; to foster and to assess student learning; to identify and plan for the needs of diverse learners; to contribute to the educational life of the school and community.

1 - 9

EDEX 4123 FB Curr & Meth Mild Dis I

Curriculum and methods for academic and social instructions of students with learning disabilities, behavior disorders, and mild intellectual disabilities.


EDEX 4124 FB Curr & Meth Mild Dis II

Curriculum and methods for academic and social instruction of students with learning disabilities, behavior disorders, and mild intellectual disabilities.


EDEX 4223 Inclus & Collab Teach Spcl Edu

Focuses on the principles and practices of inclusion and collaborative teaching. This course teaches candidates to select, adapt and use instructional materials to foster success in inclusive environments for students with special needs.


EDEX 4275 FB Classroom Management

Theory and practice of behavior management techniques appropriate in classrooms for the exceptional child.


EDEX 4276 FB Educational Evaluation

An introduction to standardized tests, criterion referenced and informal measures used in assessing children for educational placement and instruction. Students are required to administer, score, and interpret tests commonly used with exceptional children.


EDEX 4334 Teachers as Leaders

Theory and evidence-based practice for supporting the learning of students with mild disabilities through inclusion, co-teaching, and collaborative educator relationships.


EDEX 4494 FB Capstone in Spec Educat

Prerequisite: Completion of core and special education major courses. Full-time teaching in programs designed for the intellectually disabled. Alternative experiences may be negotiated with advisor and chair of the department.

3 - 6

EDEX 4950 Special Topics: Sweden

Readings, projects, or applied research in special education. Subject matter varies and must be approved by Department Chair. This course is repeatable for credit.

1 - 9

EDEX 4960 Internship

An individually designed and planned learning experience involving off-campus field experience. Must be approved by department chairperson. A course fee of $75 is required for student teaching. The monies are used to provide a stipend for host teachers. Additional special course fee required; see semester course schedule for amount.

1 - 12