Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

ARED - Art Education

ARED 3100 Art in the Elem & Middle Sch

This course is designed to develop an understanding of art education theories and teaching methods as well as a knowledge of materials and resources for use by the prospective teacher in the general classroom. Fee for materials.


ARED 4890 Teach Multiculturalism/Art

This course is designed for future K-12 educators who want to incorporate art as an interdisciplinary strategy to teach their students about various aspects of our multicultural world. The course combines critical theory with "hands-on," practical experiences. Students will learn how to use (and adapt) basic lesson plans and "hands-on" art-related activities to foster their future students' multicultural awareness global, national, community, and personal issues. The course also features a service learning/school placement component to provide students with practical opportunities to contribute and make valuable connections in our local communities. This course is equivalent to ARTS 4890; students may not receive credit for both courses.