Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

Enrollment in Graduate Classes by Undergraduates

An undergraduate student who is within 6 hours of graduation and who has at least a B academic average in their major subject, may enroll for courses carrying graduate degree credit. The courses include those with course numbers ranging from 5000 to 5999. Approval must be obtained from the degree program coordinator prior to registration. No course taken without this approval may be counted for graduate credit. Graduate work taken under this provision may not be used to meet undergraduate requirements. An undergraduate who is permitted to enroll for graduate work as indicated above will be classified as a non-degree undergraduate student until such time as the student has attained regular admission to a graduate degree program.

No more than six semester hours of graduate work may be completed prior to the completion of baccalaureate degree requirements and admission to the Graduate Program as an applicant for a graduate degree. No student will be allowed to pursue two degrees simultaneously.