Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

Specialist in Education

The Specialist in Education Degree (Ed.S.) provides advanced study for qualified master educators. The program of study:

  1. Builds upon work completed at the master's level
  2. Strengthens and extends professional, pedagogical, and content knowledge
  3. Prepares advanced practitioners to be Architects of Authentic Learning Communities

GC Offers the Ed.S. in the Following Areas:


  1. Meet minimal Grade Point Average of 3.25
  2. Be eligible for a clear renewable, level five (5) State of Georgia Certification (except Library Media)
  3. Verify two years teaching experience while holding a clear and renewable certificate (except Educational Leadership)
  4. For Educational Leadership only: if the applicant does not have a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership, two courses must be completed for full admission: Leadership in School, Society, and School Law and Ethical Practices.)



For the admissions process applicants should complete and submit the following:

  1. University Admissions Form including application fee, if applicable.
  2. Two professional recommendations (pdf) using the School of Education format.
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (except GC)
  4. Verification of immunization (pdf)
  5. Any additional specific program requirements.
  6. Pass an on-site writing assessment


Each candidate for the Specialist in Education degree is assigned a graduate advisor who serves as a mentor to the Specialist Candidate and assists in proposing, scheduling and completing the Specialist in Education Program of Graduate Study.

Program of Study

The Specialist in Education program requires a minimum of 27 semester hours of course work beyond the Master of Education degree or the Master of Arts in Teaching degree (with the exception of Educational Leadership in which 36 semester hours are required). Specialist programs must be completed, with the degree awarded, within four years of the initial coursework listed on the program of study. Only those courses listed on the Program of Graduate Study fulfill degree requirements. Substitutions must be approved by the advisor prior to course enrollment, and a Change of Graduate Program of Study form submitted to the office of the Department Chairperson. Grades below a B do not fulfill degree requirements.

Graduate Assistantships

Limited Graduate Assistantships are available. Details and an application can be found at

Year Long Program of Professional Activities for Some Programs

(Check with your advisor if the year long program of professional activities is required in your degree program.)

  1. With the initiation of the Specialist program, each candidate must complete a program of professional activities and development. A written plan, approved by the advisor must be submitted to the Coordinator of Graduate Programs before the program is begun. Activities in no fewer than four of the following areas are required.
  2. Be an active member of professional organization as evidenced by such activities as holding office, making presentations, or attending conferences and/or meetings.
  3. Engage in a program of professional reading as agreed upon by the advisor. (These readings would be in addition to the readings required for courses and/or thesis preparation).
  4. Engage in professional writing as evidenced by the preparation and submission to appropriate journals or other publishing formats of original articles or other creative endeavors.
  5. Provide service to the education profession as evidenced by such activities as serving on a textbook selection committee, SACS committee, serving on a beginning teacher assessment team, serving as a referee for a professional journal, offering workshops and presentations, and speaking to lay audiences.
  6. Demonstrate professional creativity through development of educational support materials such as, but not limited to, a curriculum model, text, media production, or computer assisted instruction program.
  7. Engage in visitation for the purpose of observing notable or exemplary education activities.
  8. Engage in travel for professional purposes such as acquiring cross-cultural insights to develop additional skills, acquire additional knowledge, and/or broaden professional contacts.

Exit Requirements

All students must pass a comprehensive departmental exit requirement and fulfill degree requirements to graduate including an electronic portfolio presentation. Students should check with their assigned program advisor for specifics.

Transient Credit

Six semester hours in the selected field of study may be transferred from other accredited institutions with prior approval of the advisor (no transient hours are accepted in the Educational Leadership Program). The transient permission form can be found at

Completion Checklist

Please refer to individual departments for specific completion requirements.