Graduate Catalog 2012-2013


Georgia College, as the state's designated public liberal arts university, has two distinctive missions, one focused on undergraduate education and one on advanced study or graduate programs. At the graduate level, Georgia College delivers programs responsive to regional workforce needs, along with a few specialized programs of national distinction.

Georgia College graduate programs are based on the undergraduate liberal arts mission that forms the university’s core. In our graduate programs, just as in our undergraduate programs, we provide an engaging academic experience where students learn to think creatively, communicate effectively, learn and adapt quickly and work well with others to solve problems.

At the university’s main campus, Georgia College provides a broad array of graduate programs, ranging from creative writing to music therapy, from biology to outdoor education, from kinesiology to business administration for liberal arts majors. Many of these programs attract students from across the nation or even internationally.

To better serve regional workforce needs, Georgia College established a Graduate and Professional Learning Center in Macon and offers classes at Robins Air Force Base and on line. At these sites, Georgia College provides outstanding graduate programs in business, criminal justice, education, health sciences and nursing, among others. Georgia College offers students the opportunities they need to successfully enhance their knowledge and skills in order to build their professional pathways and careers.

We continue to examine the community’s needs for new graduate level certificate and degree programs, with a focus on the Macon and Warner Robins region. We also seek to develop international partnerships to enhance and expand our graduate educational opportunities.

At Georgia College, we help our graduate students to achieve their objectives. Whatever their area of special interest, we provide the programs and support to enable them to "Master It." Georgia College graduate students gain the competencies they need to help create the strong knowledge economy -- an economy based on innovation -- that our state so desperately needs.