Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibility to Register under Proper Classification - It is the student’s responsibility to register under the proper tuition classification. If there is any question about the right to in-state tuition status, it is the student’s obligation, prior to or at the time of registration, to raise the question with the administrative officials of the institution in which the student is registering to have tuition status officially determined. The burden rests with the student to submit the information and documentation necessary to support the argument for a particular tuition classification under Regents’ regulations.

Notification of Change in Circumstances - A student who is classified as an in-state student must immediately notify the proper administrative officials of the institution of any change in residency status or any other change in circumstances, that may affect tuition classification.

Official Change of Tuition Status - Every student classified as out-of-state shall retain that status until such time that student has petitioned for reclassification in the form prescribed by the institution and is officially reclassified in writing as an in-state student by the proper administrative officers. No more than one application may be filed for a given semester.

Reclassification - Every student who has been granted in-state tuition, as a legal resident of Georgia shall be reclassified as an out-of-state student whenever anyone shall report, or there have been found to exist, circumstances indicating a change in legal residence to another state.