Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

EDRD 6300 CGWP Writing Pract & Pedagogy

Prerequisites: Acceptance into the CGWP invitational summer institute, acceptance into graduate study at GCSU. Taught in conjunction with and as a co-requisite to EDRD 6301, this course enhances teaching performance through in-depth teaching demonstrations and critiques centered on using a writing-to-learn paradigm applicable to all disciplines and all subject areas. Learning in this course depends substantially upon peer interaction for the teaching demonstrations. An assumption that the best writing teachers must themselves model good writing informs this course; as a result, participants work collaboratively and collectively to respond to and to encourage helpful revision of written works composed by each class participant—with subjects chosen by each individual writer and enhanced by research on topics ranging from participants' professions, to their lives, their students, and/or other aspects of their worlds.