Graduate Catalog 2012-2013


EDFS 6135 Foundations of Learning

A comprehensive study of learning and teaching theories with emphasis upon recent literature and of methods and techniques utilized to facilitate the understanding of human performance.


EDFS 6149 Issues in Secondary Curriculum

A study of secondary curriculum from an historical perspective followed by discussions of curriculum from viewpoints of the different stakeholders, and of current curricular issues.


EDFS 6224 Intro to School Improvement

Prerequisite: Admission to M.Ed. This course will be required by all of the M.Ed. programs in the College of Education. It will focus on the interdependence of factors that affect student learning, both inside and outside the classroom, and will address the following questions: What is school improvement? What are its history, philosophy, and political ramification? What are school improvement plans, and how can they be improved? What are the roles of faculty in school improvement? What are the common factors in schools that have effected significant change?


EDFS 6225 Iden Prob:Socio-Cultural Issue

Prerequisite: EDFS 6224. This course is designed to prepare teachers to identify their schools’ demographics; analyze their schools’ improvement process and its impact on subsets of the student population; identify current school problems relating to diversity; and select one area of interest for which to create an individual research plan.


EDFS 6226 Models of Inquiry

Prerequisite: EDFS 6225. A survey of inquiry models and paradigms relevant to the study of school improvement efforts. Includes analyses of assumptions fundamental to differing perspectives with an emphasis upon change theory and dynamics.


EDFS 6231 Research for School Improvemen

Prerequisite: EDFS 6226. A study of the fundamentals of educational research with an emphasis on development of a research proposal to study the effectiveness of a school improvement initiative.


EDFS 6233 Capstone

This course will serve as a culmination of the school improvement research project within the teacher’s major field of study with an emphasis on various quantitative and qualitative ways of analyzing and disseminating data collected as a part of a school improvement project.


EDFS 6466 Field Experience

Graduate-level field experience in selected classrooms or in exemplary educational programs. Requires approval by the M.A.T. Coordinator.

1 - 15

EDFS 6494 Adv Practicum in Sec Education

Prerequisites: Completion of M.Ed. Core. Designed to promote accomplished teaching through systematic inquiry into practice, reflection on practice, and collaboration with others in meeting learners’ needs.