Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

BUAD - Business Administration

BUAD 6620 Business Plan-Entrepreneurial

This course will provide students with a theoretical grounding in the literature related to entrepreneurship. They will gain an understanding of the importance of a well conceived business plan and will explore the various parts of a well-prepared business plan.


BUAD 6622 Strategic Communication

Prerequisites: BCOM 6611 and MGMT 6673. A study of the nature, functions, and dynamics of strategic business communication. This course examines models of communication and their relationship to leadership and management styles. The theories presented are applied in various situations experienced at the managerial level in today’s global business environment. Included is a study of the verbal, nonverbal, and listening issues encountered when communicating with a diverse workforce.


BUAD 6625 The International Business Experience

This course is designed to provide an international travel and business experience. Students will travel to a foreign country, visiting both business and cultural points of interest. The course explores different economic, political/governmental, and social/cultural systems and their impact on global business. It imparts a clearer understanding of the major facets of international business operations.