Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

BCOM - Business Communications

BCOM 5281 Adv Communication and Reports

Communication principles that incorporate computer software applications and the use of information systems. Modern written and oral techniques for successful internal and external communications are applied. Issues concerning international and cross cultural communications are explored. The application of the principles of report writing, including writing style and graphic presentation, is emphasized.


BCOM 6221 Communications Theory in Mgmt

A study of the nature, functions, and dynamics of communication. This course involves a study of the models of communication and an analysis of the component theories of the communication process. The theories presented are applied in various problem situations encountered at the management level in business. Included is a study of the verbal and nonverbal problems encountered when communicating with citizens of other nations.


BCOM 6222 Advanced Managerial Communicat

Designed to meet the needs of the practicing manager. Included are the communications carried out by managers in organizations and the organizational and human variables which influence these communications. Included is the management of information systems. Communication styles of managers from different cultures are discussed.


BCOM 6505 Special Topics

This course meets special needs of students and/or the community. Approval of the graduate director is required prior to registering.


BCOM 6611 Business Communication

Presents an application of contemporary management communication within the business environment. Comprehensive written and oral communication are connected with high-impact presentation techniques to give students practical skill for writing effective reports and making effective oral presentation for decision makers. Enhancement of communication skills, techniques, and theories that lead to more persuasive, professional performance will be an integral part of the course. This course will help students develop their writing and presentation skills to a mastery level sufficient to allow them to easily and effectively tackle communication challenges.


BCOM 6805 Independent Study

+students with an approved undergraduate equivalent should not enroll in this course