Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

Academic Policy

Every graduate student and prospective graduate student should become thoroughly familiar with the regulations and requirements for degrees contained in this catalog. Failure to follow the regulations and requirements may result in complications that could cause inconvenience to students and possible expulsion from the degree program. It is important students note that it is their responsibility to keep apprised of current graduation requirements for the degree program in which they are enrolled.

The program coordinator or a professor who is designated to do so, are the only people who can advise a student. The Coordinator of Graduate Programs in the College of Education and the appropriate department Chairperson are responsible for advising students in matters pertaining to teacher certification.

Courses numbered 6000 and above are exclusively for graduate students. Courses numbered 5000 through 5999 are primarily for graduate students, but, on occasion, are open to qualified seniors or special students. To find out about enrolling in a graduate level course, please contact the department offering the course. A graduate student will not be permitted to take a graduate level course with the same title/name of courses previously taken at the undergraduate level. Admission to graduate standing is a prerequisite for enrollment in graduate courses for graduate credit. Each graduate student is responsible for consulting with the appropriate faculty advisor for the completion of individual courses.

Unless noted otherwise under specific degree program requirements, all credit applied to the planned program must have been earned within the prescribed period of seven years after initial acceptance to the graduate program. However, the requirements for individual programs may vary. Please refer to the degree program sections of the catalog for individual program requirements. At least 18 semester hours of graduate work must be completed in regular Georgia College courses on campus or at a Regents’-approved Residence Center. Courses taken at a facility other than an approved commuter campus or center do not meet the residence requirement.

No more than nine semester hours of required work may be taken in or under the auspices of another graduate school. Such work must have been completed within the prescribed period of seven years, must have a relationship to the student’s program, must be recommended by the advisor in the major field of study, must be approved by the graduate coordinator, and must comply with other requirements specified by the University. Transfer courses accepted for college of Business students must be from an AACSB-accredited institution. No student will be allowed to pursue two degrees simultaneously.

No graduate credit will be allowed for correspondence work. Georgia College, with the approval of the Board of Regents, provides degree credit programs in specific majors through commuter locations located in Macon and Warner Robins Air Force Base. Students admitted to these programs must satisfy the same requirements for a degree as those who attend classes on the Milledgeville campus.