Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021


WMST 3120 US Women's Hlth & Social Issue

Overview of the various physical, mental, and social issues that influence women's health, with attention to historical and social diversity. Historical assessment of the U.S. women's health movement and social issues of the 20th century. Assessment of the approaches to the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect women and the biological and socio-cultural perspectives that inform them. (Cross-listed as HLTH 3120)


WMST 3432 Gender & Society

Prerequisite: Sociology 1121 or permission of instructor. An analysis of how gender is socially produced, and the implications of gender for individuals, social processes, and social structure. Focus on the complex intersections between gender inequality and inequalities of race/ethnicity, class, and sexualities. (Cross-listed as SOCI 3432).


WMST 3550 Human Sexuality

Prerequisite: Completion of WMST 2010 "Women and Society" with a grade of "C" or better. In addition, students must be registered for the Minor in Women's Studies in order to register for this course. An investigation and development of skills, knowledge, and methodology needed to address the issue of human sexuality, with attention to racial, cultural, and gender differences in regard to sexual values, attitudes, and behaviors. This course is non-repeatable.


WMST 3600 Francophone Women Writers

Prerequisites: FREN 3010, FREN 3020. Survey of texts written by Francophone women across the centuries and the continents. Equivalent to FREN 4220.


WMST 3910 Theoretical Perspectives

Prerequisite: WMST 2010 or permission of the instructor. A survey of critical questions and methods in contemporary Women's Studies scholarship. Rotating topics may include feminist philosophies, feminist social theories, feminist theologies.