Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021


RHET 2210 Small Group Communication

A study of leadership, group processes, communication, and management of discussion. Both presentation skills and decision-making skills will be stressed. Course will examine problem solving and conflict resolution through small group dynamics.


RHET 2315 Voice for the Public Speaker

Examines speech in the mass media, looking at techniques for effective delivery, intelligibility, and presence.


RHET 2350 Communication Theory

Prerequisite: RHET 1110. A study of communication theories, systems, models, formulations, and measurements; new dimensions in speech criticism and research methodology; critical study of published reports in the contemporary literature of the field.


RHET 2900 Special Topics in Rhetoric

Prerequisite: RHET 1110 or permission of instructor. This special topics course will provide the student with an opportunity to practice the skills and principles of rhetoric outside of the university classroom setting. Examples may include but are not limited to the following: facilitating community dialogues examining potential solutions to a variety of problems, organizing college student outreaches, and facilitating community learning projects.

0 - 3