Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021


DANC 3100 Ballet Workshop

Prerequisite: DANC 2100 or permission of the instructor. Discussion and practice of movements in advanced ballet techniques. Will further study ballet through increasingly more difficult barre and center work. French terminology and how it applies to movement will be studied.


DANC 3150 Modern Dance Workshop

Prerequisite: DANC 2150 or permission of the instructor. The technical basics of modern dance technique will be used as building blocks for increasingly challenging movement articulations and phrase-work. Full physicality and efficient use of the body will be stressed.


DANC 3300 Dance History

Discussion and study of dance history including the origins and development of dance through rituals and social components of early societies. Dance in early cultures through contemporary society will be presented.


DANC 3400 Dance Composition

Prerequisites: DANC 1100 and 1150. Discussion and practice of the development of creating choreography. Emphasis on solving movement problems, improvisations and discovering the elements of dance.


DANC 3500 Dance Pedagogy

Prerequisites: DANC 3150 or 3250 and 3400. Discussion and practice of the philosophy, objectives, and principles of teaching dance. Includes study of children and adults and observation in supervised teaching experiences.