Graduate Catalog 2019-2021


MUED 5040 Graduate Vocal Methods

Prerequisite: Admission to the MMEd program and MUED 3040 or equivalent experience. A course designed to provide additional training in the area of basic vocal pedagogy that is specific to the public school music specialist.


MUED 5090 Grad Instrumental Teach Method

Graduate Instrumental Teaching Methods is designed to continue growth and refinement of good instrumental teaching methods in K-12 music programs. This course will help teachers establish clear music standards for their students and insist that they be met. In addition, it will help music teachers be able to assess the relative effectiveness of various ensemble teaching environments, describe and assess the relative effectiveness of various instrumental teaching lesson plans and methods and develop strategies to teach advanced instrumental techniques.


MUED 5300 Technology for Music Educator

Prerequisite: Admission to the MMEd program. A course designed to acquaint the graduate student in music education with field-specific technologies in the areas of technology-assisted learning, music production and notation, multimedia production, and classroom/lab management software.


MUED 5820 Music for Exceptional Child

This course is for students who are working toward initial music teacher certification. In it we focus on teaching all students in the music classroom. Meets teacher certification requirements for music education majors. Practicum experience will replace one class meeting each week.


MUED 5950 Special Topics/Music Education

Prerequisite: Admission to the M.M.Ed program. A course designed to allow the graduate student to work with graduate faculty on topics selected to meet special needs or interests. This course is repeatable for credit.

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