Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015

Financial Aid Procedures

Important Dates


Priority Packaging Deadline March 1
Fall Semester Deadline July 1
Spring Semester Deadline November 1
Summer Semester Deadline April 1

Students must submit complete financial aid applications by the above "Priority Package Deadline" to be considered for programs that have a limited supply of funds.

Students must submit complete financial aid applications by these dates in order to use financial aid funds to pay for the semester's bill. Students whose files are not complete by this date should be prepared to pay costs until applications are processed and eligibility is determined.

The Federal Processing Center must receive the application(s) before June 30, 2015, and all verification processes must be completed before August 1, 2015, for the student to receive consideration for the academic year 2014-2015 or Summer 2015. Electronic Student Aid Reports must be submitted to Georgia College before the student's enrollment period ends in order to be considered for aid.

Outside Scholarships

Any resources that a student receives or expects to receive should be reported in writing to the Financial Aid Office. The receipt of outside scholarships or other resources may result in reduction, cancellation, and/or repayment of need-based aid.

Summer Session Financial Aid 

Students who wish to receive financial aid for the Summer Session must complete a Summer Aid Application as well as the FAFSA. Students who are receiving HOPE only must also complete a Summer Aid Application. Summer Aid Applications are available in March each year via the PAWS website, coinciding with course registration.

Study Abroad

The International Education Center (IEC) provides information on the various approved study abroad and exchange programs offered by Georgia College, the University System of Georgia, and other accredited academic institutions. Studying abroad enables students to increase knowledge of a foreign language, provides the opportunity to gain insight into and appreciation for the cultures and institutions of other people; facilitates the development of relevant career skills; and contributes to personal maturity, a sense of independence, self-knowledge, and confidence. Georgia College students who are eligible for financial aid may use that aid to participate in study abroad and exchange programs approved by the IEC. For specifics on transferability, contact the Financial Aid Office, 103 Parks Hall, 478- 445-5149 for guidelines. In addition, a number of study abroad scholarships are available through the International Education Center in The Bone House, 478- 445-4789.

Transient Study

Georgia College students who are planning on taking transient coursework with another institution may qualify for financial aid. In order for students to receive federal funds or other aid for transient coursework, a Consortium Agreement must be obtained from the GC Financial Aid Office and completed by the host institution. Please note that many institutions will not participate in the consortium process therefore causing student aid ineligibility.

Students are required to pay all costs at the host institution and receive aid as reimbursement.

HOPE/Zell Miller eligible students may receive HOPE/Zell Miller if attending an eligible institution. HOPE/Zell Miller funds are paid by the host institution. Some institutions may choose not to process financial aid for transient students. Please check with the financial aid office of the school you wish to attend. For specifics on qualifying, contact the Financial Aid Office, 103 Parks Hall, 478- 445-5149.