Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015

Academic Advising

Advising at Georgia College is a shared responsibility between students and advisors. Students communicate with advisors to obtain information and guidance aimed at the student’s successful completion of degree requirements and preparation for post baccalaureate opportunities. An inherent goal of the advising process is for students to gain self-understanding that will inform their decisions regarding academic, career and life goals.

All new students will be advised by professional advisors in the Advising Center in Lanier Hall. Students will be served by an initial professional advisor up to the accumulation of approximately 45 credit hours. The Advising Center provides quality advisement through the core curriculum, as well as provides career exploration opportunities for students to assist them in making sound choices about majors and career directions. Once the student is approaching 45 earned credits, he or she will then be connected to an upper-level professional advisor for guidance navigating the academic major, progressing toward degree completion and graduation. In addition to the professional advisors in the Center for Student Success, upper-level students may also have faculty mentors within their academic department.

Advisor assignments are listed on the student’s Tranguide in PAWS. If an incoming student is not informed regarding his/her advisor assignment, he or she should contact the Advising Center in Lanier Hall