Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

Liberal Studies B.A., Gender and Sexuality Studies Concentration

Degree Requirements

A student can choose to pursue a European Studies concentration within the Liberal Studies major at any time in her/his college career, although students are advised to declare their major early in order to ensure a timely completion of their degree program.


Areas A- E (see Core section of this Catalog)  (42 semester hours) 

Area F (18 semester hours)

Interdisciplinary Methods

IDST 2315Amer Diverse Cultural Heritage


Theory Methods Focus Requirement (12 semester hours)

Choose from the following list:
AFST 2010Intro to African Studies


BLST 2010Introduction to Black Studies


SOCI 1121Sociological Perspectives


SOCI 2293Intro to Marriage and Family


WMST 2010Women In Society


Foreign Language Requirement

Students must demonstrate minimum proficiency at the level of the fourth university course (2002) in one foreign language, but only the fourth university course (2002) can count in Area F. Any hours not applied in Area F may be applied toward elective hours.
FREN 2002Interm Fren Lang & Culture II


ITAL 2002Interm Ital Lang & Culture II


SPAN 2002Interm Span Lang & Culture II


Major Requirements

Major Area (15 semester hours)

Choose 15 semester hours from the following list:
SOCI 3446Social Stratification


WMST 3910Theoretical Perspectives


WMST 3550Human Sexuality


WMST 4950Special Topics

1 - 4

For WMST 3910 and WMST 4950 only the following sections are approved for this area:

WMST 3910: Queer Theory; Black Feminist Thought; Feminist Philosophies; Autobio, Autotheory, & Activism; Philosophy, Film, and Sexuality;

WMST 4950: Sex, Gender, and sexology in the 20th Century; Gender and Global Development.

Humanities (3 semester hours)

Any WMST designated course in humanities.  Course to be chosen in consultation with the advisor.

Research Methods (3 semester hours)

Choose from the following list:
ENGL 3900Critical Approaches to Lit


KINS 4813Research Methods Kinesiology


PSYC 2700Stats Applied to Behavior Sci


PSYC 2800Research Methods in Psychology


SOCI 3442Research Methods


Capstone (3 semester hours)

An appropriate 4000-level coruse to be chosen in consultation with the advisor that will additionally include a senior research paper/project.

Electives (9-18 semester hours)

Electives will vary by student because of various credits needed for foreign language requirement. 

Students will be assigned two appropriate advisors to help select elective courses that will help facilitiate their concentration in Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Other Requirements for Liberal Studies B.A. (all concentrations)

  • Completion of the First-Year Academic Seminar with a passing grade. Students who transfer to GC after the first term are exempt from the requirement.
  • Liberal Studies majors must earn a C or better in all courses that count toward their major.
  • A minimum of 120 semester credit hours and all requirements met. 
  • A minimum of 39 semester hours overall must be at the 3000-4000 level.
  • Fulfillment of University-wide Senior Capstone Experience requirement, as explained above.