Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

WMST - Women's and Gender Studies

WMST 2010 Women In Society

An interdisciplinary course that explores the diversity of women's lives through essays, readings, and the study of scholarly theories and research. The course will examine a wide range of social issues which affect the status of women in a historical context and in contemporary society.


WMST 2200 Psychology of Gender

An introduction to the psychological theory and research regarding gender issues and diversity. The course is designed to introduce the student to the psychological, health, and social issues affecting contemporary women and men in a diverse society. (Cross-listed as PSYC 2200.)


WMST 2315 Gender and Culture

A thematic exploration of sex, gender, sexuality, and identity in art, literature, and/or popular culture. Specific focus and themes may vary.


WMST 3120 US Women's Hlth & Social Issue

Overview of the various physical, mental, and social issues that influence women's health, with attention to historical and social diversity. Historical assessment of the U.S. women's health movement and social issues of the 20th century. Assessment of the approaches to the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect women and the biological and socio-cultural perspectives that inform them. (Cross-listed as HLTH 3120)


WMST 3432 Gender & Society

Prerequisite: Sociology 1121 or permission of instructor. An analysis of how gender is socially produced, and the implications of gender for individuals, social processes, and social structure. Focus on the complex intersections between gender inequality and inequalities of race/ethnicity, class, and sexualities. (Cross-listed as SOCI 3432).


WMST 3550 Human Sexuality

Prerequisite: Completion of WMST 2010 "Women and Society" with a grade of "C" or better. In addition, students must be registered for the Minor in Women's Studies in order to register for this course. An investigation and development of skills, knowledge, and methodology needed to address the issue of human sexuality, with attention to racial, cultural, and gender differences in regard to sexual values, attitudes, and behaviors. This course is non-repeatable.


WMST 3600 Francophone Women Writers

Prerequisites: FREN 3010, FREN 3020. Survey of texts written by Francophone women across the centuries and the continents. Equivalent to FREN 4220.


WMST 3910 Theoretical Perspectives

Prerequisite: WMST 2010 or permission of the instructor. A survey of critical questions and methods in contemporary Women's Studies scholarship. Rotating topics may include feminist philosophies, feminist social theories, feminist theologies.


WMST 4105 Religion and the Body

Religion, arguably the most important element of culture, is often ‘practiced’, ‘enacted’, or ‘performed’ through physical means. This course will examine the role of the body in a number of traditions and contexts—from how one dresses or gestures—to less visible modes such as celibacy or ecstatic trance. The goal of this course is to consider the manifest ways in which the body is employed in religious traditions as well as look at individual traditions and case studies for specific examples of embodied religious practice. The first half of the course will look at broader themes of religion and the body (ritual, sexuality, performance, clothing, so forth). The second half the course will focus on individual traditions or case studies, and a general introduction to each religion will be presented at the start of those weeks.


WMST 4421 Queer Theory

Prerequisites: PHIL 2010 or WMST 2010. Queer theory is concerned with the power of the strange, the non-normative, and the upsetting to open up new possibilities for thought and practice. The central claim of Queer Theory is that selves and identities are products of social practices and power relations. This powerful claim allows us to ask questions that are impossible when identities are taken as simple or natural. This class will focus both on sexual identity and on race, class, gender, and ability. We will pay special attention to the history of the LGBT rights movement.


WMST 4434 Feminist Philosophies

Prerequisites: PHIL 2010 or WMST 2010. Feminist philosophy comprises a wide range of approaches which aim to critically engage with concepts such as sex, gender, personhood, and difference; to rethink the history of philosophy through the lens of gender; and to bring philosophical tools and insights to bear on contemporary issues of gendered justice. This course will provide a broad overview of methods, topics, concepts, and debates in several areas of feminist philosophy. Students will cover core texts in feminist metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and political theory. The course will consider the diversity of methods and perspectives represented in feminist philosophy, with a particular focus on the intersections of gender, race, class, ability, and sexuality.


WMST 4445 Literary Women

Prerequisite: completion of the core or permission of the instructor. A study of the contributions of women writers and critics to the development of literature. (Cross-listed as ENGL 4445.)


WMST 4452 African Women Writers

Prerequisite: ENGL 2110 or IDST 2305. A course that will be concerned with the African woman writer's preoccupation with the condition of African womanhood. It will look at these writers' treatment of issues like motherhood, polygamy, marriage, changing roles, the exploitation of women, the education of women, women in politics and women and tradition. (Cross-listed as BLST 4452 and ENGL 4452)


WMST 4664 Flannery O'Connor

Prerequisites: ENGL 2110, IDST 2305, or permission of the instructor. A study of short stories, novels, and critical essays of Flannery O'Connor, with access to the O'Connor collection. (Cross-listed as ENGL 4664.)


WMST 4668 African American Women Writers

Prerequisite: completion of the core or permission of the instructor. A selection of texts by African American women writers of the nineteenth and/or twentieth centuries, addressing topics from among the following: the effects of slavery on Black female sexuality, the Harlem Renaissance and the construction of race and gender, Pan-African identity, bi-culturalism, historical memory, and personal power.


WMST 4671 Native American Women Writers

Prerequisite: ENGL 2110 or IDST 2305 and WMST 2010. In-depth study of selected works of fiction, poetry, autobiography, etc., written by Native American women, with attention to socio-cultural context and the role of gender and identity. (Cross-listed as ENGL 4671).


WMST 4720 Domestic Violence

Prerequisite: WMST 2010 AND permission of the instructor. Students in this small, intensive reading seminar will examine key documents related to the development of the battered women's movement in Britain and the U.S., study the evolving theoretical frameworks for scholarship in this field and become familiar with examples of successful practices in intervention and prevention of domestic violence. Students will also take part in a theory-practice learning project related to this field.


WMST 4730 Intern Domestic Violence Serv

Prerequisite: WMST 4720. Students in this small, intensive seminar will read current scholarship on domestic violence and models for community response. They will also spend a significant amount of time working for service organizations dealing with domestic violence and providing services to victims. They will become familiar with examples of successful practices in intervention and prevention of domestic violence, and with administrative, financial and legal aspects of running such programs.


WMST 4740 Women & Popular Culture

Pre-requisite ENGL 1102. A study of selected works by and about women from literature and popular culture focused on genres, issues, and images connected to gender.


WMST 4800 Women in Art

This course introduces women artists traditionally neglected by art historical surveys, the primary emphasis of the course will be on the socio-historical issues and the critical concepts that have informed these exclusions. Beginning with goddess cultures, we will map the impact Feminisms have had on art production and reception. and feminist art historians' efforts to reconstruct the art historical canon. Theories of race and class will be explored as well as contributions from film theory and lesbian studies. (Cross-listed as ARTS 4800). No prerequisite.


WMST 4950 Special Topics

Prerequisite: completion of the core or permission of the instructor. Consideration of topics in which courses are not offered, but for which there is a current interest. Subject matters varies. (Cross-listed in discipline of professor offering the course.)


WMST 4960 Internship

Prerequisite: At least one completed WMST course or permission of coordinator. Practical field experience in a supervised setting.