Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

MOVT - Movement

MOVT 2100 Intro to Creative Arts Therapy

This introduction to Creative Arts Therapy will provide an overview of Creative Arts Therapies including music, art, dance, performance, and storytelling. Theoretical foundations and practical applications for a variety of populations will be explored using lectures, experiential opportunities, and guest lectures.


MOVT 2200 Survey Dance Movement Therapy

This theoretical class examines Movement Arts Therapy from a historical perspective and through contemporary issues. Pertinent literature will be analyzed for theoretical and clinical significance. This course is repeatable.


MOVT 3000 Movement & Dance for Therapist

Prerequisite: MOVT 2200 Survey of Dance Movement Therapy. This class will focus on learning the skills necessary to facilitate goal-based movement activities in the therapy session: Theory and practice. This course is repeatable