Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

MFLG - Modern Foreign Language

MFLG 0001 First Year Academic Seminar

Required of all first year students to be taken in their first semester on campus, this seminar provides an overview of academic requirements for graduation and helps establish meaningful career goals and objectives. Discussion of policies, standards, procedures, expectations, and resources that will contribute to student success not only during the first semester but throughout the students' academic career at GCSU. This course is repeatable for credit and does not count towards the total hours required for graduation.


MFLG 2950 Special Topics

Prerequisite: Permission of department. Consideration of topics in which courses are not otherwise offered, but for which there is a current need at the freshman/sophomore level. This course is repeatable for credit.


MFLG 3409 Principles of Translation

Prerequisite: FREN 3010 and 3020, or SPAN 3010 and 3020. This course addresses some of the main issues that have informed the general reflection on translation in the Wet over the past two thousand years. By examining statements from philosophers, linguistics, theologians, authors, political leaders, and activists, students learn to appreciate the diversity with which translation has been understood and practiced throughout the ages and develop a critical apparatus to question the traditional understanding of the relationships between the original and translated text and between author and translator.


MFLG 4900 Senior Capstone

Prerequisite: Permission of chair. Senior capstone experience for World Languages and Cultures majors.


MFLG 4950 Topics

Topics in which courses are not otherwise offered but for which there is a current need. Subject matter varies.