Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

IDST - Interdisciplinary Studies

IDST 2000 Interdisciplinary Exploration

This writing intensive course is designed to introduce students to interdisciplinary themes and methods, and will provide the foundations necessary for pursuing the Liberal Arts major. Readings will relate to several of the Liberal Studies major's themes, including but not restricted to: Culture, Religion and Society; European Studies; Gender and Sexuality; Race, Ethnicity and Gender; and Third World Studies.


IDST 2050 Sustainability

An interdisciplinary course across colleges and departments presenting an introduction to the principles of sustainability, including ethics, economics, ecology, environmental policy, and personal involvement. Students will conduct real world analyses using campus and community data, with an emphasis on critical thinking, global issues, social justice, ethical constructs, interdisciplinary research, service learning, and community engagement. Beginning with a global focus, the course will refine its scale as the term progresses, inviting students to help develop new strategies for sustainable development on campus. Students will solve real local problems using valid and applicable data from the Georgia College campus.


IDST 2305 Topics Humn and Fine Arts

Prerequisite: ENGL 1102. A thematic study of world art, music, drama and literature. Course themes will vary.


IDST 2310 Fine & Applied Arts in Civ

A thematic survey of the personalities, aesthetic goals, style traits, techniques, and landmark achievements in the various art media. Course themes will vary.


IDST 2315 Amer Diverse Cultural Heritage

A comparative examination of various genres (literature, art, music, etc.) from various disciplinary perspectives (history, sociology, art, literary studies, philosophy, etc.) of under-represented groups in America. Specific focus and themes may vary.


IDST 3000 Prof Life after College

This course will help prepare students to be successful in their professional lives after college. The course will include developing an Electronic Portfolio to be submitted to future employers in addition to a resume. Students will also learn to write effective resumes; how to use campus resources to find appropriate experiential learning opportunities including internships; and how to use campus resources to find appropriate graduate schools or employment opportunities.


IDST 3950 Special Topics

Prerequisite: Approval of the director. Advanced study of thematic and interdisciplinary topics of special interest.


IDST 4930 Liberal Studies Capstone

Prerequisite: IDST 2930. This course introduces advanced topics in interdisciplinary research and prepares the student for IDST 4931 Senior Project. The two courses are typically completed in a two-semester progression during the student's graduating year. In this course, the student will acquire the skills of interdisciplinary research, assemble a student portfolio, complete a significant service learning experience, and produce a research proposal for an interdisciplinary independent study that serves as the Senior Project. An independent study or other substantial effort may be applied in the place of the Senior Capstone with the written permission of the Coordinator.


IDST 4931 Liberal Studies Senior Project

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. In his/her final semester, the student must complete an interdisciplinary project that integrates the various areas of study into a meaningful academic work, such as a research paper, thesis, gallery show, or performance.


IDST 4940 Independent Study

Prerequisite: Approval of director. Independent reading and reports arranged by the instructor according to the individual student's preparation, background, and needs.


IDST 4950 Special Topics

Prerequisite: Approval of the director. Advanced study of thematic and interdisciplinary topics of special interest.


IDST 4960 Internship

An individually designed and planned learning experience involving off-campus field experience and study in the private or public sector.


IDST 4995 Sustainability Capstone

Prerequisite: IDST 2050. Independent study capstone project, guided by sustainability-trained faculty, dedicated to implementing sustainability in the campus or community. Capstone projects are suited for Sustainability Fee, Coverdell, ENGAGE, or MURACE grants, and should work toward priorities identified by the Sustainability Council. Course can be aligned to coincide with capstone projects in the student's major.


IDST 4999 IDST Capstone

This seminar introduces advanced topics in interdisciplinary studies integrating information and methodologies of two or more disciplines. Course themes will vary.