Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

FINC - Finance

FINC 3100 Personal Finance

A survey of the principles of planning and managing personal income, insurance, and investments. Crosslisted as ECON 3100.


FINC 3131 Business Finance I

Prerequisites: ACCT 2101 with a grade of C or higher, ACCT 2102 with a grade of C or higher, and ECON 2106 with a grade of C or higher. An introductory course in finance, an understanding of basic financial concepts and techniques, and an ability to apply them in arriving at management decisions within the context of specific business situations.


FINC 3132 Business Finance II

Prerequisite: FINC 3131. A continuation of Business Finance I. A study of valuation, the cost of capital, leverage, and corporate long term financing decisions.


FINC 3240 International Finance

Prerequisites: ECON 2105 & 2106, or ECON 2100. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to international finance. Main topics include foreign exchange markets, the purchasing power parity, the interest parity, and basic theories of the balance of payments.


Cross Listed Courses

ECON 3240

FINC 3820 Money & Banking

Prerequisite: ECON 2105 and 2106 or ECON 2100. A study of the nature of money and of the development of banking in the U.S. Considerations of the functions of money, modern financial institutions, the Federal Reserve System, and foreign exchange. Crosslisted as ECON 3820.


FINC 3830 Fin Markets & Institutions

Prerequisite: ECON 2105 and 2106, or ECON 2100. A study of the principal institutions and markets of the financial system and their role in the intermediation process. Topics include: Analysis of money and capital market instruments, innovations and regulations; interest rate determination and relationships, financial policies of financial intermediaries; international aspects of financial markets. Crosslisted as ECON 3830.


FINC 3940 Practicum

Prerequisite: FINC 3131 with a grade of C or higher and permission of instructor. Finance practicum participating in well-known competitions related to finance industry. The objective of the course is to apply corporate finance theories and financial valuation to the real-world problem.


FINC 4101 Investment Analysis

Prerequisite: FINC 3131. An analysis of alternative investment opportunities. Analysis of types of securities, financial statements, and business factors to determine prerequisites of a sound investment program for the individual and institutional investor.


FINC 4505 Special Topics

This course meets special needs of the students and/or the community.


FINC 4605 Internship &/or Coop Education

Individually designed and planned learning experience involving field experience and study of the private or public sector. Approval of the department chairperson is required prior to registration.


FINC 4805 Independent Study

Investigation of a topic of special interest, with reports given to the instructor. Approval of the department chairperson is required prior to registration.