Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2021

ARTH - Art Therapy

ARTH 3000 Principles of Art Therapy

This course offers a fundamental understanding of the theories and practice of Art Therapy. Art Therapy strategies, techniques, and approaches with various populations are examined. Consideration will be given to the theoretical components of Art Therapy as explored through classroom discussion, online discussion boards, creative piece assignments, and research papers. Individual and group art theraphy will be examined through a scope of cultural sensitivity. This course will develop a basic understanding of the role of the art therapist, the art Image, and Art Therapy as seen through psychotherapy and creativity as healing forces in the mental health professions.


ARTH 3001 Art Therapy Studio

This course examines the use of two and three dimensional media in the study production of artwork relevant to the media's applicability and relationship to emotional expression. The concept of the art therapist as artist and clinician will be explored to heighten awareness of the art process and product as a communication and cathartic tool in the psycho-therapeutic realm. Students will be exploring the unique qualities of visual art production through the theoretical stance of the Creative Arts Therapies as therapeutic intervention.